Sous Vide Duck Phat Confit

By Chef Chris Holland

The pièce de résistance of Duck Phat!

Preperation | 2 days

Cooking | 12 hours

Servings | 12


 12 duck legs (thighs attached)

 16 oz. Traditional Duck Phat

Cure (by weight)

3 oz. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt
2 oz. table sugar
 2 grams pink curing salt
 2 oz. chopped garlic 

Special equipment

Bakers rack and sheet tray
Emersion circulator

 Vacuum Sealer and bags or alternatively zip lock bags sealed using a water submersion method


  1. In a high sided glass dish, cover duck legs in cure, packed onto skin and flesh sides, and refrigerate over night (liquid will escape from the legs).  

  2. After legs have cured for 24 hours, remove from cure and rinse thoroughly.

  3. Dry with paper towels and place legs on bakers rack over sheet tray and allow to further dry overnight.

  4. Place legs into bags (3 per bag) and equally divide Duck Phat.

  5. Cook for 12 hours in emersion circulator at 167˚ F.

  6. After 12 hours remove bags and put into ice water for 30 minutes.

  7. Once finished, either sear the skin in a cast iron skillet and serve, pull apart meat and toss in a salad, or use as you would any cured meat.

*If refrigerated, thighs will last up to one month.

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