Duck Phat Loves Bread

By Jeffrey Ingledue

A match made in heaven.

From warm fresh bread to a full charcuterie board, Duck Phat and bread are a perfect pair


  • Use cold Duck Phat as you would softened butter on some fresh warm bread.  Just add a little coarse sea salt.

  • Allowing you favorite Duck Phat to come to room temperature is delicious for dipping bread.

  • Make homemade mayonnaise substituting your favorite flavor Duck Phat for the oil.  Or try our recipe here.

  • Try our delicious Duck Phat Garlic Bread or Duck Phat Bagel Chips.

  • Add Duck Phat to your favorite charcuterie board.  We like…

The Ultimate Charcuterie Board

  • Spreadable pate and foie gras terrine

  • Cured meats, such as soppressata, salami, prosciutto, Serrano ham, and Spanish chorizo

  • Soft cheeses such as Brie, goat, and blue

  • Firm cheeses such as aged Gouda, Manchego, and aged cheddar

  • Smoked fish such as white fish and trout

  • Marcona almonds

  • Medjool dates

  • Quince or fig jam

  • Red seedless grapes

  • Mixed olives such as Kalamata and Castelvetrano

        Don't Forget The Phat


        Holiday Herb Duck Phat

        With fresh shallots, garlic, thyme and black pepper, Duck Phat Holiday Herb combines all the rich, layered flavors of a traditional holiday dinner.

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        Chili Duck Phat

        Bringing the bold heat of chiles de árbol, Chili Duck Phat packs a potent, yet balanced punch, perfect for spicing up any dish.

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